Bogusky Freakout

Who is Alex Bogusky?

If you’re in advertising and you don’t know who Alex Bogusky is, quit your job now.

Also, why are you here?

Do we have to spell it out?

If this isn’t the trajectory of an Advertising Hall of Fame member, what is?

Wait, this guy isn’t in the hall of fame?

For Immediate Release: Someone you never heard of in advertising decides to nominate Alex Bogusky to the AAF Hall of Fame. He’s scolded for not having a bunch of people you have heard of in advertising nominate the guy that AdWeek called “Creative Director of the Decade.” And even though Alex tried to remove himself from advertising for 8 long years, causing a phenomenon known as “The Bogusky Freakout,”  the body of work attributed to his shop under his leadership still continues to influence the entire industry. We invite the rest of the great unwashed hoi-polloi in advertising, as well as the distinguished folks we’ve all heard of, to contribute your endorsement of his nomination to the AAF Hall of Fame. Right here. NOW!

Here’s what you gotta do

Alex’s work has made us freak out for years. It’s time we repay the favor. Tell us why Alex deserves a spot in the AAF Hall of Fame so we can let the gatekeepers know just how badly they’ve been screwing up. Your endorsements, essays, videos, and skywriting campaigns are what we need to make this happen. We’ll share them here, as well as in the application which is due on Nov 5, 2018.


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