David Esrati on Alex Bogusky

More than anything- he’s inspired so many to work harder, think bigger, create new ways to ply our craft. Because of him and the highly visible amazing work he’s had a hand in- there has been a resurgence of interest in our field.

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Lee Clow on Alex Bogusky

Hey, Alex is one of those talents that makes people want to be in this business. Even though he left for 8 years. He’s back. We don’t want him to leave again!! We need all the talent we can get. Reward him. Put him in the Hall of Fame. Think Subservient Chicken.

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Russ Klein on Alex Bogusky

Alex was the jet-fuel. I was the “flamethrower”. Together we made history that may never have happened had we never met.

Hell yes. How can somebody even call it a Hall of Fame without Alex among its esteemed recipients?

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Ari Merkin on Alex Bogusky

Many of the best campaigns of the century were Alex’s idea. Under his leadership, CP+B won as many awards as the industry could possibly throw his way. New categories were invented because of Alex. In this business, hell, in any business, people like Alex remind us that greatness never comes easy.

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William S. Howard on Alex Bogusky

< Home < Endorsements   As a grad student currently in portfolio school (CCNY BIC Program, look it up), I find myself polishing my craft while studying the history and successes of our industry and simultaneously studying the future. While studying the...

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