William S. Howard on Alex Bogusky


As a grad student currently in portfolio school (CCNY BIC Program, look it up), I find myself polishing my craft while studying the history and successes of our industry and simultaneously studying the future.

While studying the possibilities of viral social media, for reasons I can only attest to talent, ingenuity, and creativity, Alex Bogusky dominates the first 10 years of this century.

But his work touched closer to home than that.

I distinctly remember learning what a “Baggler” was after a visit to a BK when I was a kid. The Mini has been cool since I’ve pretty much been able to physically remember, and a cigarette never seemed cool after I learned the truth. Much of this I later learned was thanks to Alex, his partners, and agency.

As someone excited to soon be beginning my own advertising career, I’m thankful Alex had the opportunity to work, inspire, and now hopefully reinvigorate, this business.

Alex earned his spot in the AAF Hall of Fame.

Let’s get him in!

William S. Howard

William S. Howard

Grad student CCNY BIC Program

AAF Member

Years in the business: soon to begin year 1