One of the criteria for nomination to the AAF Hall of Fame is contribution to moving the industry forward via education. As a faculty member of Miami Ad School, Alex inspired an entire generation of future practitioners of our craft, culminating in the merger with the school.

 Miami Ad School will be renamed CP+B Miami Ad School, and agency creatives will help shape the institution’s curriculum.

“This business is changing at light speed,” said Pippa Seichrist, president of the Miami Ad School. “This allows the school to have constant and immediate input about how to train our students even better. It’s exciting to have someone like Alex [Bogusky, CP+B executive creative director] and that agency make such a big commitment to us and education.”

In addition to reviewing the curriculum, CP+B staffers will add a permanent teaching base to the school. They will develop classes in non-traditional ad forms like guerilla and viral marketing. The agency will also host Ad School students as interns, and CP+B’s Bogusky will join the school’s board of directors. He joins CP+B chairman Chuck Porter, who has been on the school’s board since it opened 11 years ago with six students. Currently, the school has 400 students in schools in Miami, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Hamburg, Germany.

Source: CP+B Takes Active Role in Miami Ad School – Adweek

Serving on the board of directors is time spent not on making oodles of money, but in investing in the pipeline of future talent.  That’s a primary goal of the AAF.